Alliance Professional Moving & Storage carries a wide variety of specifically designed materials for all your moving needs. If you prefer to do your own packing, we can deliver all the packing supplies you need for your home or office to ensure your valuables remain safe. If you wish to use our packing service, we offer professionally-trained packers that can pack your belongings expertly, saving you time, trouble and even money.

List of Boxes/Supplies:

  • Wardrobe Box: Clothes on hangers can be taken directly from your closets and hung in these boxes. This eliminates the need to iron or clean your clothes.
  • Mirror/Pictures Boxes: These boxes are specially designed to protect mirrors, paintings and framed pictures.
  • Dish-Packs: These are extra strength boxes used to protect fragile items like dishes, china, glassware, figurines and other small valuable objects.
  • Large Box: Used for lightweight, bulky items like linens, blankets, towels and lampshades.
  • Medium Box: Used for pots and pans, kitchen utensils, stereo equipment, shoes, toys, clothes and small appliances.
  • Small Box: Used for heavy items such as books, records and tools.
  • Mattress/Box Spring Cartons: Used to keep your beds fresh and clean. Available in various sizes.
  • Heavy Duty Tape: Used to seal the cartons.
  • Clean Packing Paper: Used to protect delicate and fragile items.